Simple ITR

Follow the Following Procedure given below to Apply for Any Of Our Services:-



So When You Reach our website ( you will have two options through which you can apply for any of our services:
1. You can contact us by clicking on Contact Us Button given in right corner of the menu.
2. You can select the service which you are looking for , by finding it in Menu, click on it and submit a small form, we will explain both the options in this article.



Now Select and click on the service which you are looking for from the menu, and you will be redirected to the page of that service, where you will find some packages.



In this step you have to select a suitable Package for you. The Packages have different amount of charge based on their quality. When the page completely loads, a popup will appear from top which represent 3 packages, You can click on any of this packages or directly drag down and click on the Package You want, then You will find a form.



After you click on a package , another popup appears where you will find a form , you have to fill that form and submit. In the document section, upload aadhar card/pan card/bank details (upload anyone).



Now this is final step, they will contact you through your phone number and take the remaining documents from you and after confirmation you will get your service successfully done. You can pre-pay while you submit the form in step 4 , or you can skip the payment and pay later.


The Best is to Contact Us Manually

We recommend contact us can click on the right corner yellow "contact us" button as given in the picture where you have to give your few details they will contact you. You can also give your details in the form given in bottom of the page