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    Setting up a start-up or even a business for that matter has become a trend these days in India. While it seems exciting but it isn’t as easy as people think. Apart from practical issues like good capital, right location, being better than competitors there’s lot more on the legal front too. The law demands and tries to limit private companies by issuing a lot of compliances and conditions mentioned under The Companies Act, 2013. Hence, we recommend businesses to abide by the business compliance rules and avoid unnecessary government penalties.

Requirement & Provisions

The Companies Act, 2013, amongst other provisions, specifies various provisions with regards to qualification, appointment, remuneration removal, retirement of directors, conducting board and shareholders meetings, passing of resolutions, related party transactions, the maintenance of books of accounts and the preparation and presentation of annual accounts (matters to be reported upon in the annual reports of the companies), periodical filing of forms with the Registrar of Companies, etc. The company must also have the name board outside the registered office address, with its name, registered office address, Company Identification Number, e-mail ID, and phone number website address and fax number, if any, stated on it. The company must have a PAN and TAN soon after the incorporation. For all these requirements you can sync with us and get all your compliance related work done at your convenience.

List of Annual Compliance for Businesses :

  1. Appointment of Auditor (within 15 days of Incorporation)
  2. Annual ROC filing - Last Date ( 30th September 2018 )
    1. Annual returns
    2. Financial statements - Last Date (30th December 2018)
  3. Annual general meeting (AGM)
  4. Board Meetings
  5. Reports of directors
  6. Income tax - Last Date ( 30th September 2018)
  7. Maintenance of records
  8. Other compliances

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